Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Safety Tips and Costume Advice for Dogs and Cats in Virginia Beach and Norfolk

I recently asked my neighbors on what they do to keep their pets safe on Halloween.

There were many great responses!  People realized the importance of keeping the candy out of reach and closing anxious dogs and cats in a bedroom, or crate, to prevent their possible escape.

Here are some helpful links on keeping your pet Safe on Halloween:

Victoria Stilwell has Ten Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

ASPCA's Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Drs. Foster and Smith's Cat Safety Tips for Halloween

Dogs Naturally Magazine has 6 Natural Tips for Dogs Suffering Halloween Stress

Do you put a costume on your pet for Halloween?

Read Through a Dog's Ear, Lisa Spector's blog on whether or not we should put costumes on our pets CLICK HERE

Have a Safe and Fun Halloween Everyone!!

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