Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk

Have you taken your family to the Virginia Zoo in lately?  

When my daughter’s were young we Loved going to the Zoo!

Now that my girls are grown we do not go as often, but I have kept up with all of the Zoo happenings.  

I am so Happy to watch them grow and offer new and fun Events for families, as well as adult and Private Events!

Visit their beautiful website to find out more information on their Events, ways you can Support the Zoo and more! 

And don’t forget the Zoo offers a Military Discount!

Scooping The Poop! Why is it so Important?

Because of the recent Virginia Beach beach closures, I want to share the excellent blog Lynnhaven River Now wrote about the importance of Scooping The Poop, how to get a FREE Poop Bag Dispenser and more!

You can find the blog HERE.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dog Walkers and Mail Carriers

On my daily dog walks around Norfolk I encounter the walking mail carrier, which is an uncommon experience in my area of Virginia Beach.  

It has me thinking of the things Dog Walkers and mail carriers have in common.  

We are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood while you are at work or away on vacation.  

Visiting your neighborhood on a daily basis allows us to get to know the routine of your neighbors and the neighbors see that we are keeping an eye on your home.  

We are committed to showing up no matter the weather!  Just like the mail carriers, Dog Walkers will do everything possible to conduct the scheduled visit, in any kind of weather. 

We are Happy to play with your pooch or cuddle with your cat SEVEN days a week!  Can you think of other ways we are alike?  

Please post your comments on my FB page:  HappydogVB

Friday, August 22, 2014

9 Ways you can Change Lives at The Norfolk SPCA

I knew that the Norfolk SPCA had been around a very long time, my first rescue dog as a child came from the Norfolk SPCA, and that was a looong time ago!  

But did you know they had been around serving our community since 1892?

The Norfolk SPCA needs community support from people like you to provide dogs, cats and small animals, quality veterinary care and new loving homes.

Below are 9 ways you can support the Norfolk SPCA and forever changes the lives of animals and quite possibly, yours!

You can find more information and even MORE ways to give on their Donation Page.

Tribute donations--Make a gift on behalf of a special friend in honor of a special occasion. 
Memorial cards--Donate in memory of a deceased person or pet, and we will send a sympathy card noting your kindness. 
Hope Fund--This special fund ensures that we can provide medical care when a shelter animal needs assistance that our clinics are unable to provide. 
Monthly giving--Sign up to be a monthly contributor.

Corporate support--See if your employer will consider sponsoring an event or program of the Norfolk SPCA or will match your own gifts. 
Major gifts--Would you like to meet with us to discuss a significant level of support? We welcome those conversations. Simply give us a call. 
Earmarked contributions--For gifts of $1,000 or more, we are glad to earmark your donation to support a specific program. 
Grants--If you have a relationship with a foundation, please let us know if we may submit a proposal and invite trustees for a tour.
Workplace giving--You can support us through your local United Way Campaign, Combined Federal Campaign or Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dogs On Deployment needs Volunteers!

I recently signed up to volunteer with Dogs On Deployment!

Dogs On Deployment is a non-profit organization that will connect you with a Service Member in your area that needs their dog, cat or small animal boarded while they are away.  They also offer many resources for Service Members.

There are many of other ways to volunteer as well!

They need businesses to send in not only monetary donations, but things like services, Gift Cards, and products.  These donations will be raffled off at local events to raise money.

Are you a business that offers some type of discount to Military members?  Your business can be featured on their website!

Volunteers are needed to attend local events to spread the word about the great things DOD does for Service Members! 
There are many more ways to support Dogs On Deployment, click HERE to read more.

They have a local FB page, please Like and Share!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Red Cross Pet First Aid Mobile App

The Red Cross has a wonderful Pet First Aid mobile app!

I am Happy to have it on my phone in case of an emergency.  It is free which makes it Priceless in more ways than one!  LOL

According to their website: 
Take care of your furry family member. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. 

Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know Pet First Aid.

No Cell Phones on Dog Walks!

When you read my Policy page you will find a Policy titled No Cell Phones!

Personally, I feel like talking on your cell phone and or listening to music while walking a dog is a danger!  It is a unnecessary distraction.

I have watched many people, while walking a dog, strut out into traffic because they are distracted by their phone conversation or their music was blasting in their ears.

I have watched dogs come to a stop and get dragged along for several feet before the walker notices the danger ahead!  The dog saw/smelled the danger and came to a stop, but the walker was too distracted.

I have watched dogs lunge after a squirrel/small animal and the walker lost control of the leash because they were juggling their cell phone.

I been to dog parks and watched owners focus on their cell phones instead of their dog(s).  Meanwhile their dog is starting a fight, running from a fight or pooping all over the park!

Your dog(s) deserves our total attention while out on a walk.  For the dog(s) safety, as well as ours.

We are committed to be focused on your dog(s) while out on walks!!  

For me, I feel blessed to be outside, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature....just like your dog(s)! has a wonderful blog about this very issue!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You SHOULD hire a Professional Dog Walker in Virginia Beach or Norfolk!

I am often called upon to answer the question "Why should I use a Professional Dog Walker?"  

Let me explain the benefits you and your dog will have when using a Professional Dog Walker:
  • Regular exercise will cut down, possible eliminate destructive and or boredom behavior.  Examples: chewing, excessive barking, digging, fence chasing, over eating, licking or chewing on his/herself.
  • Regular exercise will prevent possible health issues.
  • Having different people in your dogs "domain" will teach him/her how to behave in the correct, polite manner we expect of them in our homes.
  • We are Happy to continue training commands that you are teaching your dog.
  • Socialization is a MUST for dogs!!  With people and other dogs. They need to learn the proper behavior around everyone and in different situations, i.e. traffic, squirrels, loud noises, greeting strange dogs, greeting multiple dogs at the dog park, etc...repeated exposure with a calm, assertive walker will teach your dog to ignore and not be afraid of situations that could cause harm to them or to you.
  • Professional dog walkers are committed to the health and well being of your dog.  They are not a neighbor or family member that could possibly forget or slack off the commitment needed for your dog to be well rounded and happy!!  We receive frantic calls from people who have hired their neighbors to watch their dog....and the neighbors FORGOT!
  • This is our JOB!  Not a favor from a friend.
  • We are Insured, Licensed and Experienced.
  • We are in your neighborhood, we take note of what is going on...we make sure your home is safe and secure.
  • We ensure Peace of Mind if you are held up at work, miss your flight, or just need some time away.  We are here for your dogs needs!

Our name says it all.  Happy At Home.  That is our commitment to you.

Coming Soon! Rooftop dining in Norfolk!

I have always enjoyed eating out on a local patio, especially ones that allow dogs.  (More on dog friendly dining in another blog.)

When I have traveled I enjoyed rooftop dining,  but have not found any local restaurants that offer it.

 I found out today through that Norfolk will soon have a restaurant that will offer rooftop dining on 21st street!  It will be called Supper-Southern Morsels and I cannot wait to try it out.

Click HERE for the link to the article.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Here are some great Summer Pet Care Tips from Pets for Patriots!

Pets for Patriots Summer Pet Care Tips for Dogs and Cats

6 tips for Pet Safety during Hampton Roads's Hurricane Season

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month.  
As we are all aware, here in the Tidewater Hurricanes can arrive as early as July!
The best thing you can do to protect your pet during Hampton Road's Hurricane Season is to plan ahead.
Make sure all pets are always wearing their ID tags, better yet have a micro chip implanted!
  1. Consider purchasing a carrier, keeping them in a secure carrier will prevent them from running away or biting/scratching you or rescue personnel.
  2. Buy or prepare a First Aid Kit with manual.
  3. Prepare a emergency kit that includes several weeks worth of dry food and water, a collapsible bowl, zip lock bags of kitty litter, towels, medical records, soap, disinfectant, medications (with instructions), poo bags, extra leashes/harness, recent photos of your pets and favorite toys.
  4. Never leave your pets behind!  Call your vet or local SPCA to obtain a list of shelters and hotels that will accept pets.  Remember, not all shelters will accept pets. 
  5. Discuss with your pet sitter, friends and family your plans for your pet in the event you are out of town when a hurricane hits. Prepare a Pet Care Disaster Sheet that designates a caregiver and has instructions for care.  This person should have a key and any alarm codes to your house and be familiar with your pet.
  6. Virginia Beach and Norfolk are prone to flooding.  Map out your exit strategy ahead of time to avoid the commonly flooded areas of the cities.